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November 07, 2017
  • Bulletin

Dear All,

As previously indicated we will be conducting grading games this weekend to evaluate the level of your teams and finalize the divisional allocations accordingly.

Based on the availability of pitches at British School Jakarta we have prepared the attached schedule to enable us to complete all games in the allowed time.

Basically, we have scheduled the U8 & U10 teams plus some U12 teams on Saturday morning followed by the rest of U12 plus U14 & U16 on Sunday morning.

Each team will play 3 matches in a round robin format with a gap of 2 minutes between matches. The match durations will be 12 minutes for U8 & U10; 15 minutes for U12 & U14; 18 minutes for U16. Please note that U8 will play 7 a-side small pitch; U10/12 will play 8 a-side half pitch while U14/16 will play 11 a-side full pitch. Each match will be watched and evaluated by JSFA appointed grading officials.

Due to a large number of teams participating and the tight schedule, it is very important that all teams arrive on time and are ready to play at the scheduled kick-off times. Please arrive at your allocated pitch ( see schedule ) at least 20 minutes before your first kick-off time and report to the JSFA official ( wearing yellow JSFA shirts) on duty.  There will only be 2 minutes break between matches so we would ask you and your teams to cooperate with the referees and officials to ensure we keep to the schedule.

All U8 teams, please note that you will be playing on the new Astro turf pitch which is located next to the car park, between the main entrance and indoor sports centre. All other age groups will play on the grass pitches.

Please read the attached schedule carefully and let us know asap if you have any questions or problems.

Thank you all

JSFA Committee


  • Please confirm your attendance latest by Wednesday, 8 November ’17 @ 10 am.
  • Please check again your team schedules by Thursday, 9 November ’17 @ 14 pm
  • Please Note, schedule might change

Download Grading Games Schedule

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