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October 29, 2017
  • Bulletin

Dear All,

For those schools that have not yet registered please be reminded that the deadline for registration of teams is at 24.00 hours on 31 October 2017. Please let us know if you intend to register but have problems meeting this deadline.

Once the team registration is completed we will work on the schedule for grading games which will take place at the British School Jakarta on 11 & 12 November 2017. Different age groups will play on different days so that each team will only be required to attend on one day. The plan is for each team to play at least 3 short matches, watched by JSFA grading officials, to determine which division each team should be allocated to within their respective age groups to ensure that they will be competing with teams of the same strength and ability throughout the season. This is to try and avoid very lopsided results with teams losing too heavily. Remember, the aim of JSFA is to promote and provide a fair, safe, and enjoyable football experience for all the players. Details of the grading schedule and format will be announced within the next week or so. All teams required to attend must do so otherwise they will simply be allocated to divisions at the discretion of the JSFA.

Once the divisional allocations are completed you will be issued with passwords to allow you to register all your players on the website. This must be completed by 30 November 2017, before the Coaches & VCs Meeting to be held on 2 December 2017. All player documents (original and copy of ID) plus team list signed by the school must be brought to the Coaches Meeting for checking by JSFA officials. Only those teams / players who have had their ID checked and approved by JSFA will be allowed to play in the League and Cup competitions.

More information regarding grading matches will follow soon but meantime please ensure you register your teams by 31 October and prepare your teams to play on 11/12 November 2017.

Please note that the contact email for JSFA Committee has been changed to Apologies for any inconvenience.

Best regards

JSFA Committee

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